July 2016

Colour Me Concrete!

by TRP Ready Mix on July 30, 2016

What do you see when you close your eyes and imagine a room made of ready mixed concrete floors and walls? While some of us might understandably envision an entirely grey space, some designers, landscapers, and crafty homeowners see … the colours of their choice! If you were to choose a colour for your concrete […]

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The Most Impressive Building Material in the World: 6 Fascinating Facts About Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on July 27, 2016

What do the Pantheon in Rome, The Giza Pyramids in Egypt and a 12 million year-old rock in Isreal have in common? Concrete. Yes concrete is that hard, grey building material so ubiquitous today that we completely take it for granted. But concrete has a surprisingly fascinating story. Read on to learn more about the […]

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The Importance Of Using A Concrete Calculator For Your Next Project

by TRP Ready Mix on July 24, 2016

Have you decided to use ready mixed concrete for your next big renovation project? It’s easy to see why! Ready mixed concrete is professionally mixed and prepared, and often delivered directly to your construction site. It eliminates the need to buy additional supplies to mix the messy concrete yourself, and saves time and money, making […]

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What’s the Difference Between Ancient and Ready Mixed Concrete?

by TRP Ready Mix on July 21, 2016

Concrete is a building material with a very long history. Apart from today’s tools, such as concrete calculators, there are many similarities between the two types of concrete. Listed below are several interesting comparisons between Roman and ready mixed concrete. They Have the Same Composition Concrete is made of three elements: a binder, an aggregate, […]

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DIY Concrete Ready Mixed Valentine’s Day Gifts

by TRP Ready Mix on July 18, 2016

Valentine’s Day is all about the ones we love. Whether you’re writing love letters to your sweetie or spoiling your kids with treats, giving gifts for this occasion should come from the heart. What better way to say I love you than to gift something homemade that you crafted with your own two hands. These […]

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Winterize and Love Your Home

by TRP Ready Mix on July 15, 2016

As the seasons change, we adapt to appreciate what nature offers us. Winter creeps up on us before we even know it.  Our windows frame the beautiful white Winterland outside; we relish in the sights. We take pleasure in warming up upon entering from the outdoors. It is during the winter time that we hibernate […]

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DIY Ready Mixed Concrete Gift Ideas

by TRP Ready Mix on July 12, 2016

Tis the season for giving – and for some, crafting! With busy shopping malls and pricy holiday bills, why not opt for a thoughtful and memorable DIY project to create something for everyone special on your list. Ready mixed concrete is the perfect base to make dozens of creative gifts. Here are three projects featuring […]

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Things to Consider When Ordering Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on July 9, 2016

Are you curious about using concrete for your next home improvement project? Whether you are building a driveway, patio, a new garage floor or stairs, it can be intimidating to order concrete for the first time.  Don’t worry!  A bit of basic knowledge, like learning how to use a concrete calculator, can boost your confidence […]

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DIY Ready Mixed Concrete Projects: Tips To Make It Unique

by TRP Ready Mix on July 6, 2016

There’s nothing like the feeling of taking on a do-it-yourself project and really knocking it out of the park. When guests ooh and aah over something you made with your own two hands, it not only makes you feel proud, but it gives you the right to brag about it. Believe it or not, one […]

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Three Tips For Laying Ready Mixed Concrete In The Cold

by TRP Ready Mix on July 3, 2016

As the leaves fall and the cold weather creeps up on us, many homeowners often ask themselves: ”Is it too late to complete my concrete ready mix project ?”. Concrete professionals will tell you: it’s not too late! On the contrary: concrete construction projects can be completed year-round, as long as you follow certain guidelines […]

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