Colour Me Concrete!

by TRP Ready Mix on July 30, 2016

ready mix concreteWhat do you see when you close your eyes and imagine a room made of ready mixed concrete floors and walls?

While some of us might understandably envision an entirely grey space, some designers, landscapers, and crafty homeowners see … the colours of their choice!

If you were to choose a colour for your concrete project, what would it be? From black to white and all the hues in between, concrete and colour complement each other; they can be synonyms of a fantastic and original design.

How is that possible? Quite simply: by choosing to colour your ready mixed concrete, which can be done at various stages of the readymix installation process.

If you are planning to order readymix and wish give it a certain hue, you can purchase specially-designed pigments (which almost always come in bags) that should match the colour you are aiming for.

Once your bags are purchased, you may provide them to your trusted ready mixed concrete provider who will add those pigments to the mixture they will prepare for your project. Should you have any questions as to how many bags you would need to purchase, simply ask your provider to help guide you in this exciting process!

One look at contemporary design projects featuring incredible backyard landscaping or striking concrete countertops is enough to make you want to start ordering your readymix today.

But even if you already have a concrete wall, floor or item already made, you can still stain it with a multitude of colours offered in a variety of formulas that are available on the market now. While acid-stains were a standard in concrete colouring many years ago, these days water-based dyes offer an incredible value for your money, and have the added bonus of being odourless, and much easier to install.

If you plan on colouring a zone of concrete that will be grinded frequently, your best bet will always be to have added a bag of pigments to the readymix so the colour will become an integral part of the material and thus, will not come off.
Furthermore, if the concrete you plan on installing will receive high amounts of direct sun-light, it would be wise to speak to a readymix concrete specialist who can advise you on what types of stains or dyes are UV stable, so the colour will never fade away.
From pink to paprika, to blue and even metallics, colouring your concrete can spice up the simplest concrete project you have!