June 2016

Winter Maintenance: How to Care For Your Concrete Driveway or Patio

by TRP Ready Mix on June 30, 2016

Anyone’s who’s ever spent a winter in Ottawa knows that the weather can be harsh. With the constant below-freezing temperatures, the massive amounts of snow and the icy conditions, the weather can take a toll on everything and anything, including your outdoor concrete areas like your driveway or patio. That’s why it’s so important to […]

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Calculate the Amount of Concrete you Will Need

by TRP Ready Mix on June 27, 2016

Are you a contractor working on a project that will need ready mix concrete? Are you unsure about how much concrete to order from your concrete contractors? To make it easier for their customers to estimate the amount of concrete they will need for a project, many concrete contractors offer a concrete calculator on their […]

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The Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on June 24, 2016

Ready mix concrete is concrete that is batched at a central plant instead of being mixed at a job site. Each batch of concrete that is ready mix is tailor made by concrete suppliers, according to the specifics of the contractor, and is delivered to the job site in a cylindrical truck known as a […]

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How to Prepare Concrete Ready Mix for Your Construction Project

by TRP Ready Mix on June 21, 2016

Preparing Ready Mix Concrete is part art and part science. When done correctly, your concrete project will last a life time. The key is knowing when the right amount of water has been added to the mix. Use a concrete calculator to take the guesswork out when working with a concrete ready mix product to […]

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Concreting in Ottawa: Cold Weather Solutions

by TRP Ready Mix on June 19, 2016

Winter makes concreting in Ottawa more difficult than in warmer months. However, since Ottawa winters are long, successful concrete contractors know what precautions to take on winter concrete jobs in Ottawa. This knowledge is also helpful to homeowners and businesses who hire concrete contractors. Properly prepared, poured and protected, concrete projects in Ottawa in the […]

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Renovating Your Home with the Help of Concrete Contractors

by TRP Ready Mix on June 16, 2016

Over time, your home may get damaged. This is perfectly normal because nothing lasts forever. But when your driveway or sidewalk starts to look damaged, this takes away the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Fortunately, there are services offered by concrete contractors that you can get help from, which will renovate your driveway, making […]

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Picking the best ready mix concrete suppliers

by TRP Ready Mix on June 13, 2016

As most are likely well aware, construction projects require a lot of concrete in order to be completed. Anyone who is managing a significant construction project is not going to go to a local home improvement store and walk out with hundreds of lbs/kgs of packaged concrete powder. Major projects are in need of significant […]

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Stress Free with Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on June 10, 2016

Ready mix concrete is concrete that has been professionally mixed and prepared. It is designed to be convenient. It takes the guess work out of using concrete for construction. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement and substances like sand, fibers or small stones. It is mixed to form a paste that can be poured. […]

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