August 2016

Tips on Preparing the Work Site for Concrete Suppliers

by TRP Ready Mix on August 30, 2016

Having concrete poured at home is always going to require the help of professional concrete suppliers if you don’t have enough knowledge on how to perform the task or even if you have too large of an area to pour concrete into. There are a few steps to take before the actual concrete can be […]

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Home Improvement: Three Ways To Use Ready Mix Concrete To Upgrade Your Space

by TRP Ready Mix on August 27, 2016

When it comes to home improvement, even the smallest renovations can add great value to your home: not only can upgrades improve the look and feel of your space, but they can also add equity, meaning your home will be worth more than you paid for it. Renovations can be expensive though, and so choosing […]

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The Different Types Of Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 24, 2016

Whether you’re a big-time contractor or just someone who dabbles in the DIY department from time to time, ready mix concrete from a trusted concrete supplier is an invaluable service. Ready mix concrete can be used to pour foundations, front steps, patios, floors or several other household projects. This kind of versatility has grown the […]

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Even Concrete Calculators Can’t Measure the True Value of Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 21, 2016

When I think of concrete or cement, I think of mi abuelo (my grandfather). He was a great artist and used cement to make lovely, unique sculptures, as well as striking functional pieces like tables, planters and lawn ornaments. He was from Spain, surviving Franco’s rule and trying to support his large family of nine, […]

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Three Home Projects You Can Create With Ready Mixed Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 18, 2016

Upgrading your home can cause stress for yourself and for your wallet. New furniture, if you want something which will last more than a year, it will cost you. So, how can you add elegance without adding stress? Try these three simple projects made using concrete ready mix. These easy DIYs will refresh your décor […]

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How Well Do YOU Know Your Concrete, Ottawa?

by TRP Ready Mix on August 15, 2016

  Concrete is a building material which has shaped, modeled and built our city in ways we can see every day. The sidewalks we use, the office buildings we work in, the parking lots we enter in day in and day out—all of these were once conceived and planned using various types of concrete. Readymix […]

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Landscaping 101: Tips On Using Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 12, 2016

Updating your home’s landscaping is a great way to not only create an inviting space for your family, but also to boost curb appeal and send your property value skyrocketing. Whether you plan to add a new walkway leading to the front door, a backyard patio for grilling or even a new basketball court for […]

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Mixin’ It Up: Why Choose Ready Mixed Concrete?

by TRP Ready Mix on August 9, 2016

Whether you’re pouring concrete, building a house or mowing the lawn, in order to get the job done right you need the proper tools, knowledge and ability. Every day the world becomes more complicated and intricate. Concrete suppliers are striving hard to supply their customers with top of the line ready mixed concrete. This innovative […]

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A Concrete Calculator Isn’t the Only Way

by TRP Ready Mix on August 6, 2016

When starting any project, the amount of ready mixed concrete you’re using is extremely important. Depending on the size of your job, ordering the wrong amount of concrete can be incredibly detrimental. Order too much concrete and you’ll incur costs that you normally wouldn’t have budgeted for. You’ll also have to go through the hassle […]

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The Age of Experience: Quality Customer Service in the Concrete Ready Mix Industry

by TRP Ready Mix on August 3, 2016

In the construction industry, where concrete ready mix is available from various companies in Ottawa, what makes one concrete company stand out among the others? Though most people would not normally associate the concrete industry with customer service, the reality is that concrete companies are businesses, and they benefit from finding ways to maintain their […]

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