August 2016

Tips on Preparing the Work Site for Concrete Suppliers

by TRP Ready Mix on August 30, 2016

Having concrete poured at home is always going to require the help of professional concrete suppliers if you don’t have enough knowledge on how to perform the task or even if you have too large of an area to pour concrete into. There are a few steps to take before the actual concrete can be poured and preparing the area for the concrete before the concrete contractors arrive will not only save a lot of precious time, but it will also help you save some money as well. Knowing how to prepare an area for concrete ahead of time is simple and with a bit of DIY skills you will be able to prepare the area fully before the concrete contractors arrive with their concrete pouring trucks.

The first thing you will need to do in order to prepare the area for concrete to be poured is to figure out the exact area. This will require you to place flags or sticks in the ground at the corners so that you can use them as references to know where the concrete contractors will be pouring the concrete. Make the flags or sticks visible from a short distance so that they can’t be missed. The next thing you will want to do in order to prepare the area for the concrete to be poured is to level the ground. When pouring concrete outdoors you will want the ground to be as level as possible in order to make the job easier and more efficient. Although the concrete contractors can perform these tasks for you, you will definitely find it beneficial if you do it yourself ahead of time.

In order to level the ground you will need to either buy or rent a ground leveler. This often comes with a laser leveling tool which is the easiest method to figure out how to level the ground effectively. In order to level the ground before the concrete contractors arrive, you will need to either dig to make the area level or add more dirt, gravel or sand to the area. You will probably need the help of a friend to help level the ground with one person using the leveler tool and the other person actually leveling the ground. In order to make the process of leveling the ground easier to accomplish you will want to take a string and pass it through each one of the sticks that you placed on the ground. This will serve both you and the concrete contractors in order to easily view where the ground slops.

Making sure that there area where you are pouring the concrete does not have a drain nearby will assure you that the concrete will dry perfectly. If water is constantly falling from a drain onto the concrete, it could cause the concrete to dry with holes in it. Also, make sure that you call qualified concrete contractors like those who work for TRP Ready Mix in order to be sure to have the job well done. It is also vital that you are sure it won’t rain on the day that the concrete is poured in order to avoid having to repair it later on.

Home Improvement: Three Ways To Use Ready Mix Concrete To Upgrade Your Space

by TRP Ready Mix on August 27, 2016

ready mix concreteWhen it comes to home improvement, even the smallest renovations can add great value to your home: not only can upgrades improve the look and feel of your space, but they can also add equity, meaning your home will be worth more than you paid for it.
Renovations can be expensive though, and so choosing cost-effective and easy-to-use products becomes an important factor. Ready mix concrete is a great and affordable material that can be used to add custom upgrades to your home that many people often overlook. Even better, many companies offer a concrete calculator service so you can ensure you know exactly how much product you’ll need and how much it will cost to complete your project. Utilizing a concrete calculator is one of the best ways to ensure there are no budget surprises while you’re upgrading your home.
Here are a few custom ready mix concrete projects that can add show-stopping value to your home:

1.Patio. Adding a patio to your backyard is one of the simplest ways to use ready mix concrete to add instant value to your home. Even the smallest backyard can benefit from having a designated space for lounging, entertaining or barbequing. Simply enter your dream patio’s length, width and depth into a concrete calculator to find out how much material you’ll need (and how much it will cost) to get started.
2.Custom countertops. While granite countertops may be the common standard for a gourmet kitchen, poured concrete countertops are quickly becoming a coveted custom item. Concrete countertops are not only a unique focal point for an upscale kitchen, but the smooth and cold surface is great for baking, just like the more costly marble option. A concrete calculator is an easy way to figure out how much ready mix concrete you’ll need to add this unexpected luxury to your home.
3.Stained concrete floors. Forget hardwood: stained concrete floors are the real show-stoppers, and are an up-and-coming way to get a high-end feeling on a tight budget. Mostly seen in trendy, modern homes, these unique-looking floors are sure to be the envy of all of your guests. Ready mix concrete, poured by professionals, is the easiest way to get a level, smooth finish and to get the maximum impact for your new floors. Take advantage of a concrete calculator to know exactly how much your custom flooring will cost you.

The Different Types Of Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 24, 2016


Whether you’re a big-time contractor or just someone who dabbles in the DIY department from time to time, ready mix concrete from a trusted concrete supplier is an invaluable service. Ready mix concrete can be used to pour foundations, front steps, patios, floors or several other household projects.

This kind of versatility has grown the different types of ready mix concrete provided by concrete suppliers over the years from just a couple of standard mixes to over a dozen different types.

Here are the most common types of ready mix concrete and what they’re most often used for:

Self-leveling concrete. This highly fluid type of ready mix concrete is used by concrete suppliers when a level surface is needed in the final product, such as when they’re installing a basement floor. Because of its highly fluid state, it flows around a space, leveling itself completely in the process, eliminating the need to be leveled by hand.

Accelerated curing concrete. Traditionally, concrete needs around five to seven days to cure completely. With this type of accelerated curing ready mix concrete though, contractors can cut down on the amount of time they need to wait before moving on to the next step of their projects. Most concrete suppliers offer this type of concrete as an option, since it saves time and money on the behalf of their clients.

High strength concrete.  This type of ready mix concrete is exactly what it sounds like: a type of concrete that has added strength. This type of concrete is mixed by the concrete supplier with a special formula, and can be used in any application where standard concrete would be used.

Fibre-reinforced concrete. Used for structural purposes, this type of ready mix concrete has micro or macro fibres mixed into it. Often, it is strong enough for contractors or concrete suppliers to forgo extra support systems like steel rebar reinforcement.  Depending on the mix of the concrete, it can also help reduce early-stage shrinkage and cracking in temperature changes – which is great for harsh winters. Fibre-reinforced concrete needs more work to be leveled, because of the fibrous texture, but then bonds to be one of the strongest pourable materials available.

Even Concrete Calculators Can’t Measure the True Value of Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 21, 2016

concrete calculatorWhen I think of concrete or cement, I think of mi abuelo (my grandfather). He was a great artist and used cement to make lovely, unique sculptures, as well as striking functional pieces like tables, planters and lawn ornaments. He was from Spain, surviving Franco’s rule and trying to support his large family of nine, including my father. For one of his many day jobs, he was a concrete contractor (although it probably wasn’t called that then) but he could not deny his artistic nature. He channeled the knowledge of his labour and turned something functional into something beautiful.

He immigrated to Canada and my father met my mother and here I am. I remember as a little girl, I used to sneak into his workshop in the basement. To me, it was a wonderful and mysterious place. A room full of half-finished art and cool-looking tools. A room seemed so huge, I thought I might walk through it and never reach the other end. I even liked the smell of the dust which always seemed to hang in the air. As a child, it seemed magical and today, even though I’m all grown up, I still feel a little bit of that magic whenever seeing concrete conjures up memories of my grandfather.

I realize  the very large majority of people do not see concrete through these eyes. In fact they probably don’t think about concrete at all even though it’s all around us all the time. Concrete contractors use it to make the sidewalks we walk on every day, the driveways where we park our cars, the foundation of our homes; and so much more. We take it for granted.4

Like artists, concrete contractors must perfect their craft. It takes skills and knowledge to: know what type of concrete needs to be used for what job; how much is needed to ensure the end result will be strong, withstand the elements and the test of time; and how to mix and pour it properly. If concrete contractors get it wrong, the potential consequences could be devastating: houses and buildings could crumble, bridges could collapse, cars could get swallowed up by sink holes, etc. It’s a very important job and it must be done right.

One of the most important tools of the trade is a simple concrete calculator. Well, simple from the user’s point of view.  You just plug in information about the size of the area that needs to be covered and the concrete calculator will estimate how much concrete you will need. The equations behind the concrete calculator are probably not that simple but thankfully, we don’t need to understand what’s behind the numbers to use it. There are many websites that provide concrete calculators for anyone to use for DIY projects. And for those bigger projects on which we all rely every day without thinking about it, the task falls to expert concrete contractors who are the best men and women for the job.

Three Home Projects You Can Create With Ready Mixed Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 18, 2016

concrete mixing machine

Upgrading your home can cause stress for yourself and for your wallet. New furniture, if you want something which will last more than a year, it will cost you. So, how can you add elegance without adding stress? Try these three simple projects made using concrete ready mix. These easy DIYs will refresh your décor and most importantly, will be sturdy enough to enjoy for years to come!

1. A Concrete Ready Mix Bench
This is a great DIY weekend project. All you have to do is create a wooden frame and pour the in. This also means that you get to shape your new bench anyway that you want. Soon, you’ll have an inexpensive brand new concrete bench that could’ve cost you up to $200 at a store. Place your new seat in the garden, on the patio or if you want to go for a more modern look it could even make a great addition to your home!

Alternate Idea: Try making only the seat of the bench concrete and build the legs out of wood. This would make creating the frame simpler and add a rustic touch to the look.

2. A Ready Mixed Concrete Pathway
If you have a small backyard, adding a smaller area of concrete ready mix will help you keep some of your green and leave room for a garden. If you have a large backyard, a ready mixed concrete path can help divide the yard, enhance flow and create a more visually appealing space. Whether you choose to opt for a contractor or DIY, your new path can be styled and shaped to perfectly fit your space. You can even choose to mimic the look of interlock, while avoiding all the tedious work.

Tip: For an elevated look, try staining the concrete.

3. A Modern Industrial Concrete Ready Mix Table
For this one you may want to use ready mixed concrete for the surface and choose to form the legs out of wood. This will help keep the table lighter and give it a unique style. Creating your table can be as ambitious or small as you’d like, by opting to create a side-table, coffee table or kitchen table (or possibly all three)! Just make sure when you’re creating a mold, the concrete ready mix won’t is think enough for the wood to support.

Alternate Idea: Add a pop of colour by paining the legs!

How Well Do YOU Know Your Concrete, Ottawa?

by TRP Ready Mix on August 15, 2016

red concrete truck


Concrete is a building material which has shaped, modeled and built our city in ways we can see every day. The sidewalks we use, the office buildings we work in, the parking lots we enter in day in and day out—all of these were once conceived and planned using various types of concrete. Readymix concrete, in simple terms, is concrete that is prepared at the concrete plant according to a contractor’s specification, and is delivered ready-to-use in a readymix concrete truck. When is the last time you saw a truck of readymix, Ottawa? Do you know what essential elements go into concrete to make it the solid foundation of your city? Read on to find out!


Cement is not concrete—although many mix those terms liberally. Cement is a fine-powder made of crushed limestone which may purposely contain other minerals such as iron. This powder is heated at an extremely high temperature so that, when water will be added, the cement will form a paste that is the base of concrete.


Water is incorporated to cement through a process called hydration. But be careful! Not all water is suitable to add to your batch of concrete. Providers of readymix ensure the water is clean enough to be part of concrete, Ottawa is no exception to the rule. If the water contains too many pollutants, the quality of your concrete will be negatively affected over time.

Sand and Gravel

These three elements are known in the construction industry as ‘aggregates’ and form the majority of the components found concrete. The cement-paste binds these aggregates like glue. Varying the ratios means modifying the character of your concrete for any specific project. Were you aware there are many places in the area which sell crushed stone and sand for concrete, Ottawa included?

Safety First

Did you know concrete can cause severe burning of the skin due to its alkaline nature? Professional concrete providers are trained to wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, to prevent any hazards.

From The Concrete Plant To You

One of the many advantages of ready mix concrete is the concrete mixture is tailored to your needs, prepared in advanced at the concrete plant and delivered to you in a readymix concrete truck. Readymix trucks are driven by highly-trained drivers who are taught to pay special attention while driving to avoid concrete spillage.

Concrete is a fascinating material which can be molded into virtually any installation: from stairs to towers to sculptures. Now find your way towards your favorite building and see how it has been shaped by concrete, Ottawa is full of them. Now that you know what concrete is made of, YOU are ready to readymix, Ottawa!

Landscaping 101: Tips On Using Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on August 12, 2016

concrete ready mix

Updating your home’s landscaping is a great way to not only create an inviting space for your family, but also to boost curb appeal and send your property value skyrocketing. Whether you plan to add a new walkway leading to the front door, a backyard patio for grilling or even a new basketball court for the kids, ready mix concrete is a great product to go to.

Ready mix is versatile, cost effective and fairly forgiving; it’s a product that both experienced contractors and weekend handymen can use with relative ease. However user-friendly it may be though, using ready mix still requires a bit of know- how to get it just right.

Here are a few tips on using ready mix concrete for virtually any outdoor project:

Order more than you need. Imagine this: it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and you’re moving steadily through your project of the day, which is to construct a new patio for the backyard. You’ve built the frame, cleared the ground and started pouring the ready mix concrete – but then you realize you don’t have enough. In fact, you aren’t even close. Now, you’re stuck with two options: you either shovel the ready mix back out, or you live with a half-done patio – because once that stuff cures, there’s no going back.

No one wants to have to deal with the issue of not having enough product to get the job done, so do yourself a favour and just order more than you think you’ll need. A good rule is to order five to 10 per cent more than you’ve calculated for the project.

Check the forecast. Ready mix concrete is not in itself very finicky to use, but it does do its best work when the weather is just right. When pouring ready mix, you want a nice, sunny day that isn’t too humid. While the product needs a bit of moisture to cure, you don’t want it saturated with water either, so if there’s rain in the forecast for the next seven days be sure to purchase a tarp.

Welcome extra help. Ready mix concrete is fairly simple to use, but you do have to be quick, and so extra help is always welcome. Once the ready mix is poured, you’ll have to do several things, like floating and brushing, in quick succession, and that can be hard to do alone. Don’t be afraid to hire (or bribe) your friends into helping you out in exchange for a nice barbeque dinner, and be sure to help them out they next time they ask you.


Mixin’ It Up: Why Choose Ready Mixed Concrete?

by TRP Ready Mix on August 9, 2016

Ready Mix ConcreteWhether you’re pouring concrete, building a house or mowing the lawn, in order to get the job done right you need the proper tools, knowledge and ability. Every day the world becomes more complicated and intricate. Concrete suppliers are striving hard to supply their customers with top of the line ready mixed concrete. This innovative creation makes life much simpler for contractors, handymen and not-so- handy men everywhere. No more messy mixing or spilled wheelbarrows. Just place an order, push a button and let ‘er flow.  Here are a few reasons you should choose ready mix concrete :

Faster, quicker, simpler

Ready mix eliminates the stress of having to make your own concrete. You don’t have to worry about buying material, mixing the concrete or making a mess, it’s all done for you. There are a number of concrete suppliers who will deliver the ready mix concrete directly to your desired destination; whether it’s a construction site, residential neighbourhood or wherever, they can accommodate. Eliminating room for error ensures the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Money in your pocket

 Ready mixed concrete saves you money, plain and simple. Ready mixed concrete eliminates you having to purchase costly supplies such as: mixers, wheel barrels, concrete mix, water, etc. Trained professional concrete suppliers do it all eliminating stress and overhead. Ready mixed concrete also reduces temperature fluctuation in structures, which can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%.

The earth-friendly choice

Ready mixed concrete has boundless advantages over regular concrete. One of the biggest pros is it’s an environmentally friendly substitute. Less cement is produced because ready mixed cement is stronger than regular cement. This means less production, resulting is less emissions being released into the atmosphere. Ready mixed concrete also emits less dust during production, this dust can be detrimental to humans as well the environment. This environmentally sound substitute is changing how concrete suppliers operate for the better.

Quality shows

Ready mixed concrete has proven itself to be stronger, durable and longer lasting than regular concrete. This quality product will stand the test of time and last through all the seasons. Ready mixed concrete is made by professionals. It is guaranteed to outlast your everyday concrete by years. Before any ready mixed concrete can be sold it first has to be tested. Concrete suppliers use state of art technology to ensure their product meets strict standards. Quality speaks for itself.

Make the solid choice, choose ready mixed concrete for your next project. If you have any further inquiries ask one of the experts at your local concrete suppliers’ store. They’ll be more than happy to help.

A Concrete Calculator Isn’t the Only Way

by TRP Ready Mix on August 6, 2016

concrete calculatorWhen starting any project, the amount of ready mixed concrete you’re using is extremely important. Depending on the size of your job, ordering the wrong amount of concrete can be incredibly detrimental. Order too much concrete and you’ll incur costs that you normally wouldn’t have budgeted for. You’ll also have to go through the hassle of disposing of all this excess concrete in an environmentally suitable way. Order too little concrete and you likely won’t have enough to finish the job. This could incur you even greater costs because you’ll likely have to pay overtime to your staff and purchase additional materials to have your job completed. You also might end up with a cold joint. A cold joint is where one pour was ended and another pour began. This can happen if you have to start and stop a job more than once.

It is for reasons like this that most people use a concrete calculator to determine how much ready mixed concrete is required for a job. Most companies have a concrete calculator on their website and for good reason: it determines the exact volume of concrete needed by basing it on the depth, length and width measurements of your project. A concrete calculator is the most common method of determining how much concrete is needed for a project. However it’s not the only way to determine how much is needed. Instead of a concrete calculator, below are some tips for calculating the amount of ready mixed concrete needed for different types of projects:


  • Usually add about ¼” to the thickness of your concrete slab. This practice makes the assumption that your concrete is well compacted and is equally graded.
  • If your grade is thicker in one spot than in another, the best option is to fix the grade because it’s better for your budget and the quality of the job.
  • Make odd shapes into rectangles or squares. This makes them much easier to measure and means you won’t need a concrete calculator.


  • Footings are pretty tricky. They’ll rarely follow any drawings as exactly as you’d want.
  • Get an average size by checking a bunch of different spots, as opposed to just one.

A concrete calculator is a great tool to use when dealing with ready mixed concrete, but it’s definitely not the only method at your disposal. Just make sure all your measurements are double- and even triple-checked.

The Age of Experience: Quality Customer Service in the Concrete Ready Mix Industry

by TRP Ready Mix on August 3, 2016

concrete OttawaIn the construction industry, where concrete ready mix is available from various companies in Ottawa, what makes one concrete company stand out among the others? Though most people would not normally associate the concrete industry with customer service, the reality is that concrete companies are businesses, and they benefit from finding ways to maintain their clientele.

It is not usually readily apparent what brand of concrete ready mix was used in the construction of any particular structure. However, it is readily apparent when the service provided is above par, and this is what will keep customers coming back for future projects. In the age of experience, here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with companies that supply concrete in Ottawa:

Less focus on the product, and more on the experience

Today’s business age is less about the product and more about the experience. Even though concrete is a product of a visually large scale and certainly cannot be missed, the overall experience, from ordering the concrete to having it delivered, is what will ultimately differentiate an average concrete company from an outstanding one. A customer is looking for a company that will provide a positive experience during every single encounter. From the website of the company selling concrete in Ottawa and the quality of service over the phone, to the delivery of the concrete ready mix and everything in between; every little thing counts. In fact, 70% of buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey). In this industry, it is no longer just about the product, it is about what the customer has to say about a company selling concrete in Ottawa during and after the service is completed.

Relationship Building

An important public relations element to building and branding one’s company is to develop relationships with customers. A business specializing in the sale of concrete in Ottawa must be able to gain the customer’s trust and maintain the company’s reputation. Ottawa contractors can do this by solving problems in a timely and efficient manner. As a customer looking for the best concrete ready mix company to help you with your project, you will want to ensure that the supplier you choose treats you as though you are their only customer.

The concrete industry is a competitive one and companies supplying concrete in Ottawa want your business. In an industry where the finished product tends to look the same, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than a company that provides you with great customer service. Look for signs that they really value their customers’ experience, such as an efficient website, and a polite staff answering their phones; in the end, you’ll be glad that you did!