The Importance Of Using A Concrete Calculator For Your Next Project

by TRP Ready Mix on July 24, 2016

concrete calculatorsHave you decided to use ready mixed concrete for your next big renovation project? It’s easy to see why! Ready mixed concrete is professionally mixed and prepared, and often delivered directly to your construction site. It eliminates the need to buy additional supplies to mix the messy concrete yourself, and saves time and money, making the entire process of using concrete more convenient.

You’ve obviously made an informed choice, but the decisions don’t stop there. The most important thing you need to determine is how much concrete your job will require. If you don’t order the right amount, the whole process can become inconvenient and stressful, negating all of the benefits that encouraged you to choose ready mixed concrete in the first place. That’s where concrete calculators come into play!

Ordering too much concrete can not only be a waste of money, but it can also be a hassle to find an environmentally safe way to dispose of the excess, and ordering too little has the potential to be an even bigger problem. If you don’t order enough concrete for your job, you run the risk of incurring extra costs for additional materials, overtime worked by the crew to remedy the situation, and possibly the cost of an emergency delivery or short load charge. Besides cost, the quality of the project will also be compromised when you’re forced to put it on hold while waiting for the next delivery. Even if this is only for a short amount of time, possible problems or errors can occur including spillage, over-excavation or a cold joint where one pour ended and another began.

As you can see, pre-determining the amount of concrete required with the help of concrete calculators can be of enormous value. Concrete is usually measured in cubic meters or yards, and most ready mixed concrete companies have concrete calculators on their website to help you determine the volume of concrete needed based on the length, width and depth measurements of your project.

It is recommended that you use this calculation as a guideline, and always order a small amount (anywhere from 5-10%) more than calculated to ensure you don’t run in to any of the problems mentioned above.

If the area of your project is an unusual shape and difficult to calculate using a standard concrete calculator, or if you’re just unsure about the amount recommended, request that your ready mixed concrete supplier visit your site. He or she is an expert and will be able to give you a trustworthy opinion regarding the quantity of concrete required. They can check job conditions, safety, and identify any issues or conditions that you may need to be aware of to ensure the success of your project!