DIY Ready Mixed Concrete Gift Ideas

by TRP Ready Mix on July 12, 2016

Tis the season for giving – and for some, crafting! With busy shopping malls and pricy holiday bills, why not opt for a thoughtful and memorable DIY project to create something for everyone special on your list. Ready mixed concrete is the perfect base to make dozens of creative gifts. Here are three projects featuring ready mix concrete and inexpensive materials you probably already have lying around at home.

For The Special Women In Your Life – DIY Holiday Ornament

ready mix concrete

DIY Ready Mix Cement Christmas Ornament

Whether it’s for mom, grandma or your best friend, creating something handmade from the heart is the most thoughtful gift

you can give. Here is a project that requires only five materials that you can likely dig up from your kitchen drawers.

  1. First, grab yourself a silicone ice cube tray in funky shapes like stars or hearts. Then collect a disposable mixing container, toothpicks, some ready mixed concrete and pretty ribbon.
  2. Mix the ready mix concrete in the disposable container and pour evenly into the silicone trays.
  3. As the mixture begins to dry, stick toothpicks into the shapes to create holes for the ribbon.
  4. Let the ornaments dry overnight then pop them out in the morning.
  5. Now you have beautiful modern ornaments that you can choose to leave grey or paint in festive colours.
ready mix concrete

DIY Ready Mix Cement Coasters



For The Men In Your Life – DIY Coasters

It’s no secret that dad likes to sit back with a cold one every once in a while or grandpa likes to enjoy his morning coffee while reading the paper. You can create some cool ready mixed concrete coasters to give as the perfect holiday gift for the thirsty man in your life. All you’ll need is three materials and a bit of creativity.

  1. First, get yourself some ready mix concrete and a set of mini spring pans – like the ones to make cheesecakes. You can usually buy a pack of four that measure four to six inches each – depending on how large ready mix concreteyou’d like your coasters to be.
  2. Line the pans with wax paper then pour the ready mixed concreate half an inch full then let sit overnight. Before they fully dry you can add some recycled beer or soda caps to create a cool design or even some old pennies.
  3. Once dried, pop them out and you have a unique gift that will surely be a hit.

For The Kids – DIY Hand and Feet Impressions

ready mix concrete

DIY Ready Mix Cement Hand Impressions

This DIY project is fun to do with the kids and acts as a great holiday memory to cherish for years to come. All you’ll need is some large, deep paper plates, ready mix concrete and little fingers and toes.

  1. Pour the concrete mixture into the paper plates. You can choose to use large or small ones to fit your little one’s hands and feet.
  2. Next let the concrete dry halfway then have your kids make a hand print or foot print in the mix.
  3. Once they dry, invite your kids to decorate their personalised creations with glitter or paint and you’ll have a memorable plaque you and your kids will always cherish

If you’re planning on doing some  DIY cement crafts in colder temperatures, make sure you check out our blog post on tips for laying ready mixed concrete in the cold!