February 2018

Ready-Mix Concrete: A Solution to Ottawa’s Pothole Problem?

by TRP Ready Mix on February 19, 2018

How Ready-Mix Concrete Offers a Better Quality Fix to Ottawa’s Pothole Repair Problems Potholes plague many city councils and their roads. But how a city addresses potholes will determine if these remain an ongoing issue or not. Often, and possibly in an attempt to save money, city road contractors will use a low-quality asphalt to […]

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Ottawa Concrete: Your New Home Décor Must-Have

by TRP Ready Mix on February 7, 2018

How Concrete is Becoming More Than Just a Construction Site Material When most people think of concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is a construction building material. Concrete is the most popular building material around the globe and has been used throughout history to build cities, roads, and the foundations of our homes. […]

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