September 2017

Concrete Sound Barriers: A Solution to Disruptive City Noise

by TRP Ready Mix on September 21, 2017

How Concrete Walls Prevent Noise Pollution from Entering Your Home Noise pollution disrupts people’s lives in more ways than one. Since constant loud noises from outside usually cause frustration, restlessness, and loss of sleep, this can compromise both our physical and mental health. Noise pollution can also harm residents’ livelihoods, from disrupting day-to-day activities to […]

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6 Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on September 4, 2017

Why Ready Mixed Concrete is the Preferred Concrete Product There is no other concrete product that compares to ready mixed concrete with regards to convenience. Ready mixed concrete knows no project too large or too small. It can be prepared to suit specific project needs in terms of quantity and quality so you never have […]

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The Latest Developments in Concrete Construction

by TRP Ready Mix on September 1, 2017

A Look at 5 Greener Technologies Used by Concrete Contractors Like many developing industries, concrete contractors are always looking for ways to improve performance and productivity while reducing their negative effects on the environment. Some of the latest developments in concrete construction and technologies have strived to put productivity and the environment first. From fast-drying […]

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