Winterize and Love Your Home

by TRP Ready Mix on July 15, 2016

concrete ottawaAs the seasons change, we adapt to appreciate what nature offers us. Winter creeps up on us before we even know it.  Our windows frame the beautiful white Winterland outside; we relish in the sights. We take pleasure in warming up upon entering from the outdoors. It is during the winter time that we hibernate indoors, enjoying the comforts of cozy couches, warm cooked meals, evenings in front of the fireplace, family get-togethers and full hearted lounging with our loved ones.  As a proud home owner, the winter time can truly be the best time of year to enjoy the pleasures of home ownership.

Early Fall is the best time of the year to prepare your home for the winter. Early preparations will simplify your life as you will avoid incurring damage to the interior and exterior of your home from such inconveniences as:  leaks, water and ice damage. Your home will be more comfortable for you and your family, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have avoided the many pitfalls of winter home management. You will also ensure your heating bill is in check.

There are things that we think of every winter, such as furnace filters, batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.  Have you ever thought of checking your concrete?

There is lots of concrete in Ottawa.  The streets, the sidewalks, driveways, even foundations to houses are all made of concrete.  Have you thought about how much heat you are losing from the crack in the foundation? Or what you will do if that crack in your driveways expands during the winter? Concrete contractors can certainly help you this aspect!

Here are some tips on how to take care of your home in Ottawa’s harsh winter:

  1. Change furnace filters
  2. Get your furnace and thermostat inspected.
  3. Insulate water pumps to avoid pipes bursting.
  4. Ensure smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are in good working order.
  5. Ensure the weather seals around the doors and windows of your home are in working order.
  6. Check your ducts with a flashlight.
  7. Check your exterior walls, windows and doors for gaps or loose connections and faulty seals. Caulk or expanding foam can seal most gaps.
  8. Detach your garden hoses and sprinklers, drain them and put them away. Turn off the water source to outside faucets to prevent ice congestion.
  9. Check the roof for debris and gutters. Gutters can retain water and cause damage.
  10. Seal cracks in your driveway and sidewalks with concrete in order to avoid further winter damage due to ice and snow expanding cracks. A concrete contractor can offer a free consultation. There is no need to fret over how to handle concrete in Ottawa’s weather.
  11. Check chimneys for clogs that will make your winter fireplace experience uncomfortable. You may be surprised to find critters that you don’t wish to enter your home in a cold spell.
  12. Cut back your branches and bushes. In the event of an ice storm, you will be glad that you did.
  13. Check your windows and doors for drafts. Seals with caulking is an option. This is particularly important if you live in an older home.

To make the most of your winter, enjoy and relish in the comfort of your home!