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Understanding Concrete Grades: A Guide for Contractors and Homeowners  

by TRP Ready Mix on May 22, 2024

Whether you’re a contractor running a commercial project or a homeowner gearing up for some spring renovations, understanding concrete grades is crucial. The grade of concrete you choose can make a significant difference to the strength and durability of your construction, be it a commercial building or a backyard patio. Concrete grading refers to the […]

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Eco-friendly Building: Sustainable Features of Readymix Concrete   

by TRP Ready Mix on April 18, 2024

Green building practices represent a substantial shift in the way we think about construction. Instead of viewing a building as a standalone structure, sustainable practices approach it as a part of a larger ecosystem. This means taking into account how construction affects the environment and the people who will inhabit or use the structure. At […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Driveway Renovation with ReadyMix Concrete  

by TRP Ready Mix on March 20, 2024

  Springtime in Canada is a season of rejuvenation – a time when nature shakes off the icy shackles of winter and spring into vibrant life. This season of renewal is also a great time for homeowners to revamp their homes, making them ready to welcome the warmer months. A key part of this spring […]

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Innovations in Modern Construction: The Role of ReadyMix Concrete  

by TRP Ready Mix on February 15, 2024

As you delve into the realm of construction, you’ll quickly notice that the field has undergone a significant transformation over the years. From the early days of simple huts and dwellings to today’s skyscrapers and complex structures, construction techniques have continuously evolved. This evolution has been driven by human ingenuity, technological advancements, and a constant […]

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Landscape Design Revolution: Concrete’s Growing Role

by TRP Ready Mix on December 19, 2023

Welcome to the world of modern landscape design, where creativity meets functionality, transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting havens. It’s a realm where you, as a homeowner or a commercial property developer, have the opportunity to blend natural beauty with man-made elegance. In recent years, one material has surprisingly emerged as a favourite in this transformation: […]

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Why You Should Use Concrete To Build Steps

by TRP Ready Mix on February 15, 2023

Do you want an easy way to upgrade your home and add a modern touch? One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using concrete for stairs. Building concrete steps is an affordable and long-lasting option for adding a modern touch to your home. Concrete is one of the most popular materials used […]

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How To Protect Concrete From Winter

by TRP Ready Mix on January 10, 2023

Ottawa has some frigid winters and unpredictable weather. Winter weather is often quite damaging to concrete surfaces. Protecting your concrete from the harsh Canadian winter requires some pre-planning and effort. If you have a concrete patio or driveway, you may wonder how to protect concrete in winter. With the right preparation and maintenance, you can […]

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What To Know About Concrete Floor Finishes

by TRP Ready Mix on December 9, 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Help You Narrow Down Your Pick Concrete flooring dates back to 5600 BC when houses along the Danube River in (former) Yugoslavia used it. Today, one typically only finds exposed concrete floors in commercial buildings and basements. But that is changing. More homeowners today finish their floors in concrete, seeking a […]

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Seven Ways Concrete Can Fail

by TRP Ready Mix on November 28, 2022

And How to Avoid It The average winter in Ottawa can hit low temperatures of -20C° or lower. If your concrete isn’t made properly, the frost can expand and crack the foundation and walls. If you’re a contractor, you know that concrete is a vital part of any construction project. But did you know that […]

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Why To Use Recycled Concrete In Your Next Project

by TRP Ready Mix on September 13, 2022

Tips For Using Recycled Concrete The construction industry is vital, but it also has a problem. According to the Canada Green Building Council, building materials and construction are responsible for around 13% of the country’s carbon emissions. Considering existing buildings contribute 17% each year, this shows that there is work to be done. Using more […]

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