Winter Damaged Concrete? Now What?

by TRP Ready Mix on April 20, 2022

Tips For Dealing With The Winter Menace Did you know that Canadians experience some of the most diverse weather conditions, with winter seasons being extreme? Well, one thing to worry about in the winter is the potential damage freezing can have to your concrete surfaces. As you try to protect your property from the winter, […]

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5 Things To Ask Your Concrete Supplier

by TRP Ready Mix on March 20, 2022

How To Save Money With Your Next Project Did you know that, according to Research and Markets, Canada’s construction market grew faster than it was expected to in 2021? The growth ended up being 6.5% instead of 2.5%. This was attributed to a residential construction boom and growth that was stronger than expected in the […]

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How To Use Concrete For Home Decor?

by TRP Ready Mix on February 11, 2022

With Ready Mix Concrete, Your Home Décor Options Are Endless! Can concrete even be a suitable material for projects at home? If you’re thinking that its uses are limited to walkways, driveways, and foundations, you’re missing out on the tremendous potential of this versatile material. You may have considered building your own concrete patio. But, […]

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Ready Mix Concrete – The No Fuss Solution

by TRP Ready Mix on January 9, 2022

Why Ready Mixed Concrete is the Preferred Concrete Product There is no other concrete product that is as convenient as ready mixed concrete. Convenient for both big and small projects, ready mixed concrete is a quality product that ensures great results and little waste. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that ready mixed concrete […]

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How To Cure Concrete Faster

by TRP Ready Mix on December 11, 2021

And How To Avoid The Slow Drying There’s nothing more frustrating than something that takes what seems like forever to dry. And when it comes to ready mixed concrete, this can be particularly gruelling when you need to use your driveway, walkway, patio, or stairs. Freshly poured concrete needs time to cure so it can […]

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The Problem with Steel-Reinforced Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on November 22, 2021

And Why Alternative Reinforced Concrete Materials Are Preferred A 19-century innovation, steel-reinforced concrete sought to make concrete structures more secure and stable. But as history shows, this approach to reinforced concrete hasn’t stood the test of time like its predecessors. Concrete structures in Rome stand to this day, close to 2000 years after their creation. […]

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The Difference Between Lean Concrete and Flowable Concrete?

by TRP Ready Mix on October 11, 2021

Exploring the Key Features The terms lean and flowable concrete are often used interchangeably, but there are key features offered in both. To help you better understand how they differ from one another, we’ll explore the main differences and benefits that both lean and flowable concrete have to offer. What is Lean Concrete? Lean concrete […]

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What’s A Stone Slinger and How Will it Help With My Project?

by TRP Ready Mix on September 11, 2021

How to Finish Your Projects On Time & Within Budget If you’re struggling with delivering sand or aggregates to a specific spot, stone slingers could be what you’re missing. They’re ideal for delivering products to those hard-to-reach areas and ensuring your project is on track and within budget. Instead of breaking your back (and budget!) […]

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12 Crucial Tips for Concrete Maturity Calibration

by TRP Ready Mix on August 13, 2021

And The Benefits That Come With Are you in the concrete industry? Then you probably know that concrete maturity is a crucial factor in determining concrete quality. But what is concrete maturity? And how do you go about calibrating it? In this blog post, we will discuss 12 tips for concrete maturity calibration. By following […]

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How Concrete Strength is Affected by Post-Tensioning

by TRP Ready Mix on July 15, 2021

How The Collapse Of Florida International University Bridge Could’ve Been Prevented Concrete is the most popular construction material in the world. It’s strong, durable, and economical. However, concrete can only support so much weight on its own. That’s where post-tensioning comes in. Post-tensioning is a process that adds tension to the concrete after it has […]

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