How Well Do YOU Know Your Concrete, Ottawa?

by TRP Ready Mix on August 15, 2016

red concrete truck


Concrete is a building material which has shaped, modeled and built our city in ways we can see every day. The sidewalks we use, the office buildings we work in, the parking lots we enter in day in and day out—all of these were once conceived and planned using various types of concrete. Readymix concrete, in simple terms, is concrete that is prepared at the concrete plant according to a contractor’s specification, and is delivered ready-to-use in a readymix concrete truck. When is the last time you saw a truck of readymix, Ottawa? Do you know what essential elements go into concrete to make it the solid foundation of your city? Read on to find out!


Cement is not concrete—although many mix those terms liberally. Cement is a fine-powder made of crushed limestone which may purposely contain other minerals such as iron. This powder is heated at an extremely high temperature so that, when water will be added, the cement will form a paste that is the base of concrete.


Water is incorporated to cement through a process called hydration. But be careful! Not all water is suitable to add to your batch of concrete. Providers of readymix ensure the water is clean enough to be part of concrete, Ottawa is no exception to the rule. If the water contains too many pollutants, the quality of your concrete will be negatively affected over time.

Sand and Gravel

These three elements are known in the construction industry as ‘aggregates’ and form the majority of the components found concrete. The cement-paste binds these aggregates like glue. Varying the ratios means modifying the character of your concrete for any specific project. Were you aware there are many places in the area which sell crushed stone and sand for concrete, Ottawa included?

Safety First

Did you know concrete can cause severe burning of the skin due to its alkaline nature? Professional concrete providers are trained to wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, to prevent any hazards.

From The Concrete Plant To You

One of the many advantages of ready mix concrete is the concrete mixture is tailored to your needs, prepared in advanced at the concrete plant and delivered to you in a readymix concrete truck. Readymix trucks are driven by highly-trained drivers who are taught to pay special attention while driving to avoid concrete spillage.

Concrete is a fascinating material which can be molded into virtually any installation: from stairs to towers to sculptures. Now find your way towards your favorite building and see how it has been shaped by concrete, Ottawa is full of them. Now that you know what concrete is made of, YOU are ready to readymix, Ottawa!