Calculate the Amount of Concrete you Will Need

by TRP Ready Mix on June 27, 2016

Are you a contractor working on a project that will need ready mix concrete? Are you unsure about how much concrete to order from your concrete contractors? To make it easier for their customers to estimate the amount of concrete they will need for a project, many concrete contractors offer a concrete calculator on their website.

concrete calculatorA concrete calculator will give you a rough estimate of the volume of concrete you will need based on the size of land that you need covered. Most concrete calculators are fairly standard, and with that in mind, here are the general steps to follow when calculating your concrete needs from concrete contractors’ websites:

1. Enter your measurements into the “Length,” “Width” and “Depth” fields of the concrete calculator. Most calculators will also provide a drop down menu with different measurement units, so make sure you pick the appropriate units for your project. Common measurement units include metres, millimetres, centimetres, inches, feet and yards.

2. Go over the measurement fields again to ensure you have put the correct numbers into the calculator. You want the most accurate estimate possible from your chosen concrete contractors, so be sure to give them the correct numbers.

3. Once you are happy with the measurements you have given, click on the “calculate” button. The concrete calculator will immediately give you the volume of concrete that you will need for your project based on the numbers you put into the calculator.

4. Now that you have an estimate of how much concrete you will need, the next step is to decide which type of ready mix concrete you would like to order from your concrete contractors. Some options to consider are fibre reinforced concrete, high flowable concrete, accelerated curing concrete, and high strength concrete.

5. Once you have your estimate and have decided which type of concrete you would like to order, the next step is to call or email your concrete contractors so that you can get a quote based on the information you were given from the concrete calculator.

6. Repeat these steps as necessary for each new project that requires you to order concrete from your concrete contractors.