Stress Free with Ready Mix Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on June 10, 2016


Ready mix concrete is concrete that has been professionally mixed and prepared. It is designed to be convenient. It takes the guess work out of using concrete for construction. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement and substances like sand, fibers or small stones. It is mixed to form a paste that can be poured. Each material gives the end product different properties. Concrete comes in mixes suitable for any use. For example, high strength concrete has more Portland cement in it while weaker mixes use more fly ash. Decorative concretes will incorporate colorful stones in the mix while regular mixes don’t.

Ready mix concrete saves time if you have a large project to complete. Unprepared mixes must be mixed by hand and then moved to the location where it is needed. This process may need to be repeated many times for complex or large projects. Ready mix concrete is delivered in a truck and simply piped to the right location.

It is just as important to order enough product as it is to to choose the right mix. A concrete calculator can help you order the perfect amount. A concrete calculator is a helpful little device that takes the work out of estimating quantities of concrete for a particular shape. The trick is to find the perfect concrete calculator to help you.

Simple projects like a road way or side walk will need just a basic concrete calculator that can handle three dimensions with straight edges. More complex work with your calculator will be needed if your project involves multiple shapes like foundation walls. Finally, rounded and flowing shapes will need a special concrete calculator designed for round forms.

Every contractor knows that every building project is a delicate balance of chaos and order. It can be a stressful time, trying to time each part of the process just right to stay on budget and on schedule. Using ready mix concrete services to take some of the stress off of you and your workforce is a great option.