Ready-Mix Concrete: A Solution to Ottawa’s Pothole Problem?

by TRP Ready Mix on February 19, 2018

Is ready mix concrete the solution Ottawa needs?

How Ready-Mix Concrete Offers a Better Quality Fix to Ottawa’s Pothole Repair Problems

Potholes plague many city councils and their roads. But how a city addresses potholes will determine if these remain an ongoing issue or not. Often, and possibly in an attempt to save money, city road contractors will use a low-quality asphalt to repair potholes. The result? A need to repair these same potholes over and over again, costing the city more money in the long run.

But what if cities used a local ready-mix concrete supplier instead?

Here’s a look at the current problem with poor pothole fixes and how a ready-mix supplier can help.

In a recent report on the quality of asphalt used to repair Ottawa’s potholes, auditors found that the asphalt did not meet contract standards. They tested samples from the city’s suppliers, and all tests revealed substandard results. Although the city should be testing their asphalt to make sure it meets its standards, these tests are expensive—costing approximately $3,000.

But the costs of not testing the quality of asphalt could far outweigh the costs saved. Instead of having to repair the substandard asphalt with more substandard asphalt year after year, Ottawa’s potholes could have a more permanent fix with ready-mix concrete.

Meet City Standards

Ready-mix concrete suppliers produce concrete to meet various project needs and building standards. With a computerized batching system, there is little risk of human error that could be responsible for the substandard asphalt currently being used for fixing Ottawa’s potholes. Suppliers would work closely with city engineers to meet specifications that are realistic, producing and delivering high-quality concrete that is superior to the current asphalt.

Ready-mix suppliers use the same quality of aggregates for concrete construction projects, so there wouldn’t be any disparity between the quality of concrete for commercial projects and city road work. And suppliers with their own team of concrete contractors will have the skills and experience to provide efficient and quality repairs for Ottawa’s roads.

Have the Fleet and Equipment to Mix, Deliver, and Pour On-Site

Serious concrete suppliers will have a large enough fleet and quality equipment to accurately mix and deliver concrete on time. With a large fleet, more work can be completed around the city at once, instead of waiting for lengthy periods of time for contractors to be available during the busy construction season.

Save Time and Costs

Ready-mix suppliers ensure yield control for both aggregates and concrete, meaning the city won’t be overcharged for the amount of aggregates or concrete used. And the efficient mixing, pouring, and spreading of concrete will provide quality results that last. This means road work projects will be completed faster and on time. And the quality of concrete will meet or surpass city standards, requiring less frequent repairs than the poor-quality asphalt.

Instead of a quick, temporary fix for city pothole problems, cities should consider investing in trusted ready-mix suppliers who strive to produce quality concrete that will last. Quality concrete means the work won’t have to be repeated again next year, and city roads will be safer and easier to drive on for longer.