6 Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete

by TRP Ready Mix on September 4, 2017

6 Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete

Why Ready Mixed Concrete is the Preferred Concrete Product

There is no other concrete product that compares to ready mixed concrete with regards to convenience. Ready mixed concrete knows no project too large or too small. It can be prepared to suit specific project needs in terms of quantity and quality so you never have to worry about wasted concrete again. Here are some other reasons why ready mixed concrete is one of a construction crew’s best friends.

1. Consistent Quality

Ready mixed concrete suppliers mix the concrete in a controlled environment with computers to reduce human error and ensure consistent quality with each batch. Each mixture uses a measured amount of aggregates and admixtures to create the ideal concrete for your job. You won’t have to worry about any mistakes that could compromise the quality and strength of the concrete in the mixing process.

2. Save Time

Since ready mixed concrete suppliers mix the concrete to order and deliver it to your construction site, you can save a significant amount of time on your construction projects. Fast deliveries and professional pours mean you can get on with your project without wasting time setting up, mixing, cleaning, and dismantling concrete-mixing equipment.

3. Reduce Cement Consumption

Professional mixing and handling, while producing the ready mix concrete to order, means less waste and overall less cement consumption. This has positive environmental impacts since the production process uses less resources and energy, and emits less pollution.

4. Versatile

You can order ready mixed concrete to suit a variety of project needs. Each batch is custom ordered for specific compressive strength needs and uses, mixed with specific admixtures and materials to give you the best and most consistent quality of concrete.

5. Reduce Pollution

Concrete production is a noisy affair. By having your concrete mixed offsite, you won’t have to worry about bothering the neighbourhood with noise and air pollution. And during the production process, less fuel will be used and there will be less dust pollution since the concrete uses bulk cement instead of bagged cement.

6. Convenience

Ready mixed concrete is by far the most convenient way to get the desired amount of concrete for your project. Since the supplier does all of the work for you, you can save time and money, and you won’t have to worry about the mess.

Although ready mixed concrete has many advantages, it is important to plan accordingly to make the most out of this convenient product. Since the suppliers mix the concrete offsite, you have to take mixing and delivery time into consideration with your project schedule. Also plan ahead for the placement of the concrete with your supplier so you don’t waste any time upon delivery.

If you want an easy, stress-free concrete placement, ready mixed concrete is the answer. This convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving product is certainly worth getting on board with for any concrete project, large or small.