Why You Should Use A Concrete Calculator

by TRP Ready Mix on December 5, 2016

A concrete calculator can save you money by preventing the need for added work.Use A Concrete Calculator To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Planning Your Project

A concrete calculator is a useful tool to efficiently estimate the volume of concrete you will need for a project. It’s a simple tool to use, too: simply enter the measurements from the area you’ll be filling with concrete, and you’ll have a reliable estimate for the amount of concrete the job will need.

This can save you from ordering too little or too much concrete, making sure you’ve got enough to get the job done right the first time without any extra costs.

Here are three great reasons why you should always use a concrete calculator when it’s time to purchase and pour:

Extra Costs

If you underestimate the amount of concrete you need, you’re going to have to pay more for an additional concrete placement. These extra costs can include a short load charge from your ready mix supplier and overtime pay for the work crew.

An overestimate is fine if it’s not too much more than you need. However, an overestimate can quickly wind up costing a lot, and you’ll wind up paying for concrete that you won’t use. On top of these costs, you might wind up paying for the removal of the unused concrete.

Structurally Weak Seams

If you run out of concrete before the pour is complete, you will need a second concrete placement. A second pour (or placement) can leave a structurally weak seam between the two concrete placements since they weren’t poured at the same time, resulting in different curing (drying) times.

Reduced Quality

Pouring concrete at different times doesn’t just lead to structural weakness—it can also reduce the overall quality of the concrete. Different pours may result in inconsistent in proportions, mixes, and curing quality.

Different pour times can lead to weaker concrete thanks to various environmental factors. In some cases, this can result in a finished product that’s more prone to cracking.

To avoid these additional costs and problems associated with inaccurate volume estimates, use a concrete calculator. A little extra concrete won’t hurt, but not enough can really affect the quality of the finished pour. Concrete is durable and will last a lifetime if poured properly. Don’t put your project at risk! Get an accurate estimate with an easy-to-use concrete calculator.